1 October 2009

Suggested Reading : "Sleeping Beauty Speaks Out:"

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Read it here : "Sleeping Beauty Speaks Out:
By Elizabeth Kate Switaj
In Expanded Horizons

Many of us have grown up with the story of Sleeping Beauty, the girl who slept for a hundred years while thorny roses grew up around her castle. There are many versions of it, retellings, and films about it, including parodies such as the Sleeping Beauty in Shrek III who suffers from narcolepsy.

In "Sleeping Beauty Speaks Out" Switaj beautifully expresses a thought about the effect of the hundred year sleep on Beauty's life. People are curious about her, but their questions contain expectations that Beauty cannot answer.

Most poignantly, she suggests that the whole thing need not have happened.

Enjoy this little piece.

Morva Shepley

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