28 September 2009

Sugested Reading: "Hobbit 419" by Stephen Granade And Others

Read it here: Hobbit 419
By Stephen Granade
In Live Granades
Genre: Satire / Fantasy

When Stephen Granade wrote this blog post, he wondered how Bilbo's Unexpected Party might be pitched as a modern con. Those of you who have read "The Hobbit"  will remember that the party begins when the dwarves arrive in small groups. Eventually, flustered, Bilbo finds himself throwing a party for fourteen. It is a trick that Gandalf repeats on Beorn later in the book.

The link above takes you straight to Stephen's post at Live Granades. A bonus is that when you scroll through the discussion you can read a mangled-English version (Manglish?) that is is quite funny.

If you go to this link at BoingBoing and scroll through the discussion, you will also find a scam by which Frodo is trying to con someone else into taking the ring to Mordor.

Morva Shepley

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