6 October 2009

Suggested Reading "The White Werewolf Of The Hartz Mountains"

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Read it here: "The White Werewolf Of The Hartz Mountains"
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By Captain Frederick  Marryat
In Horror Master's Werewolf Page

Captain Marryat, (1792 - 1848) had a very dry style of writing that takes a little while to get used to. Despite this, a few of his stories have become quite famous and this is because his tales are so very full of adventure. Not much effort is made to evoke mood or atmosphere, or to convey the characters, and yet the situations being described are so interesting that it takes only a little imagination on the reader's part to supply all that.

"The White Werewolf Of The Hartz Mountains" is actually the 39th chapter of a book called The Phantom Ship. "The White Werewolf" was published in a monthly magazine in 1839, which I mention to give you an idea of its era and therefore of what to expect. The story includes infidelity, murder and child abuse, and that's just to set the scene. In some ways it is horrific, and in other ways it begs other writers to take up the idea and run with it. In some ways, to me it is even reminiscent of Coleridge's "Christabel", the poem about the young girl who unwittingly brings evil into her father's castle and is then powerless to warn anyone or do anything to stop it. In "The White Werewolf" there is also a young girl who can see the evil but feels powerless to prevent it.

Morva Shepley

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