3 March 2007

Links To Film and DVD Reviews At Morva House

A/R andata+ritorna/Round Trip (2004, Italy)

Cowboy Bebop - The Movie (2001, Japan)

Entre Ses Mains/ In His Hands (2005, France)

The Golden Compass

Haibane-Renme (Japan, anime series)

Human Nature

Invisible Waves

James Bond Casino Royale

Kongekable/ King's Game (2004, Danish)

Last Exile (Japane, anime series)

Ma Vie en L'air / Love Is In the Air (2005, France)

Nicotina (2003, Mexico)

Pour le Plasisir/ Everybody is a Killer (2004, France)

Un Homme Un Vrai/ A Real Man (2003, France)

The West Wing (American series)

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