26 April 2007

James Bond: Casino Royale

Who would believe that a movie that is basically a series of action and chase scenes strung together could be so boring?

Apart from the tedium of sitting through action scenes that are meant to be thrilling but are not absorbing, there is the fact that when a Bond girl is introduced, you know she is going to die. As with the action scenes, you simply sit there, twiddling the thumbs, and waiting for the inevitable to get on with it.

Then there is the insult of having the obvious explained to you in case you missed the point of the scene with the cards.

Finally, there is the confusion of the characters looking older but actually being younger, since this is supposed to be the story of Bond's beginning as a 007 agent.

This is definitely a film to be watched, if at all, when it's on TV and you are busy with some other hobby, crosswords or homework, perhaps, that is more actively engaging your mind.

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