26 April 2007

Leaping Loonies

I took masters ten and seven to see Leaping Loonies, a three man acrobatic show, at the Alexander Theatre in Melbourne today. We laughed all the way through the hour long show. The two best things about the show were, firstly, that it was funny, secondly, it was good live theatre for anyone too old for the pre-school stuff but not ready to sit through the hours of dialogue involved in many adult plays. It was also good for people who are not interested in fairy princesses in pretty clothes etc. These characters are of the navy blue singlet and stubby shorts brigade.

There is a very thin story line about two workers trying to get the better of a fuddy duddy with a notebook, and that is all the plot they need for the antics they get up to with their leaping, somersaulting and juggling.

Highly recommended.

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