6 August 2011

The Great Raven: Writing With A Day Job

The Great Raven: Writing With A Day Job

Joe Haldemann once remarked that the best way for a writer to make money was to marry someone with a job.

Combining a job with the joy of writing is difficult but it's what most writers have to do. Wolfborn author Sue Bursztynski works as a teacher in a high school, which does not mean that she has short hours and plenty of holidays in which to work. What she has is lots of extra work. However, in this post she also explains the plusses to what she does. My favourite bit of advice from this post was, "If you have a car, leave it at home." Time sitting on public transport is time to write.



  1. Thanks, Terry, glad you liked this post. I sometimes do wish I had more time to write ... but when students gather around the library desk just to catch up with me, I know I'm in the right place.

    And yes - public transport helps. I was chatting with someone at work yesterday, who said they'd started driving when they were sick of travelling hours every day, but added, "Mind you, I read a LOT of books!"

    Or, in my case, wrote... ;-)

  2. Hi Sue, great to hear from you. Using time on public transport to read is great, but I'm reminded of the times I've been too engrossed in the story and missed my stop.