11 June 2009

Watching Solty Rei

Spoilers, naturally.

Solty Rei
is an anime series we've been watching in the mornings while I get the kids ready for school. All this activity means I miss bits of the episodes, but that's OK. Solty Rei has fairly simple stories told in large strokes so even when I miss scenes I don't lose the overall thread. This is one of the things that makes it easy for children to watch, too.

So far we've seen thirteen episodes.

The story in these episodes goes like this. Something called the Blast Fall killed a lot of people about twelve years ago. A man called Roy Revent works as a Bounty Hunter for an agency. He and the woman who owns the agency are friends and they live in the same building. This is handy when a rival agency threatens her life and she hires Roy to be her bodyguard.

One night, when he's in trouble with the crooks he hunts, a girl falls out of the sky and helps him. She has green hair and no name. She attaches herself to him and follows him home. When the authorities insist that she either be adopted as a citizen, or thrown out with the homeless, Roy is pressured into adopting her.

Roy doesn't really want to have anything to do with anyone. He lost his daughter in the Blast Fall and the only thing he lives for is the hope that she is alive and that he will find her one day.

The girl moves in with him, and he gives her a name, Solty. All she wants to do is please him, but Roy doesn't want to show much emotion.

Solty is actually a resemble. Resemble technology is something used to replace limbs of people injured in the Blast Fall, but Solty is entirely Resemble. This is why she is super strong, bullets bounce off her, and she can save the people around her.

Sometimes she has to fight large mechanoids. Strangely, although many people are scrounging, the crooks do not seem to have any trouble finding huge mechanoids to use in their fights against police and bounty hunters. Fortunately, Solty is stronger.

There are some other characters that cross Solty's path increasingly often. One set work for RUC as some kind of law enforcement agency, or police detectives.

Another is Rita and her brothers who operate as thieves but claim that they are actually heroes trying to help the non-citizens who live underground and have no rights to things such as medicine.

More next time.

Morva Shepley

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