11 June 2009

"Lostronaut" short story review

Free Speculative Fiction short stories online.

Read it here: "Lostronaut"
By Jonathan Lethem (a fun website.)
In The New Yorker
Genre: Science Fiction

In space, life is precarious. Add a small explosion, a crew member hiding in the attic, a morose captain, radiation, and things get worse. This is a beautifully told story. The situation always sounds grim and yet in her letters the narrator tries to sound optimistic, tries to make light of it. Then her letters start to move through black humour. 'Footloose', she signs herself after another incident.

If you want something lighter after "Lostranaut" take the link above to Jonathan Lethem's website full of fun ideas. If you want to make a movie, you can even buy a story idea for a dollar, or find out about "I'm not Jim". Check it out.

Morva Shepley

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