25 February 2009

Nicotina (2003) : A Review

Characters whose paths intersect in one busy night in a Mexican city: Nene (Lucas Crespi) and his partner, Tomson (Jesús Ochoa) hire computer cracker Nolo (Diego Luna) to get bank passwords for Russian gangster Svoboda (Norman Sotolongo). While on the job, Nolo spys on his pretty neighbour Andrea (Marta Beláustegui), a concert musician who is having an affair with her conductor and also her upstairs neighbour. We also meet two bickering couples, barber Goyo (Rafael Inclan) and his wife Carmen (Rosa María Bianchi), and chemist Carlos (Eugenio Montessoro) and his wife Clara (Carmen Madrid).

The story plays out roughly in real time as we watch the characters lurch from one crisis to another. The initial scenes of Nolo and his neighbour run too long and don't go anywhere other than to set up the rest of the story. Oddly enough, while everyone argues about smoking or discuss life and smoking, nicotine has very little impact on the story.

The digital cinematography is plain and realistic but rather hard on the eye. Split screen and computer graphics are used in some scenes for additional effect.

Middling black crime-comedy.

Mexican with English subtitles.

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