27 February 2009

A/R andata+ritorno / Round Trip (2004) : A Review

Just before Christmas, Dante (Libero De Rienzo), a bicycle courier, decides to leave Turin to escape his dingy flat and the 20 000 Euros he owes to local gangster Skorpio (Michele Di Maurio). At the same time, flight stewardess Nina's (Vanessa Incontrada) relationship with her boyfriend is on shaky ground. When she becomes stranded in Turin due to a general strike and is unable to find a hotel room, Dante's mentor, the kindly Tolstoj (Kabir Bedi), offers her Dante's vacant room. As she pieces together Dante through his notes and books, she falls in love with him.

This film teases the audience by keeping the potential lovers apart for as long as possible. Then having brought them together, poses the question of how will they stay together given, in this case, Dante's immediate and fatal debt problem? Writer-director Marco Ponti solves it by introducing a heist element into the final third of the film.

A genial and light-hearted film. Remember to stay around for the scenes inserted in the trailing credits.

Italian with English subtitles
3 out of 5 stars.
Kam-Hung Soh

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