27 January 2009

Fists of Felt in Byzarium

Byzarium is an online SF&F zine of short stories. It's free, it's easy to move around the site, and it seems to be aimed mainly at writers, offering as it does a "bad writing" contest and a flash fiction contest.

However, if you are looking for some short stories to read, maybe something for your lunch break, it has something for readers, too.

The November ish of Byzarium has three stories. One is "Fists of Felt", by Nate Crowder. Who could resist a title like "Fists of Felt"? It is about some puppets, just ordinary glove puppets, but when one of them walks into the dark world of the shadow puppets he has to face some serious angst.

It would be great to discuss this, but it would involve spoilers so I won't.

Of the other two stories, Terry Ollila's "Puppet Strings" is creepy in a cold, slow way where you can just see it coming. Patty Jansen's "Never on a Birthday" is, in comparison to the other two, a bit of fun, although it does imply some questions about what we really want from life.

Byzarium, check it out.

Morva Shepley

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