4 September 2011

Aliette De Bodard's Hugo Nomination

We have three of Aliette de Bodard's stories on our list of suggested reading, (Here, here and here) and having followed her so far it was a great pleasure to see her name on the list of Hugo nominees for her story, "The Jaguar House, In Shadow."

The Jaguar House is set in a Mexico, Mexica, where an Aztec society still prevails alongside modern technology. All is not well in Mexica, however. There is a madman, an insane leader, stopping at nothing to suppress revolt. This leads to a chain reaction in which the leader of the Jaguar knights attempts to keep Jaguar House alive by going along with the madness. This doesn't impress the knights, and thereby hangs the tale. Ultimately, it is a sad story, and I can see how people were moved to nominate it for the Hugos.

You can read it here at Aliette de Bodard's site, or have it beautifully read to you at Starship Sofa. If you go to de Bodard's site, there is a bonus in the form of a link to another story set in the same universe.


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