20 May 2009

"Memories of My Sister" Short Story Review

Read it now : "Memories of My Sister"
By Aliette de Bodard
In Expanded Horizons
Genre: Fantasy

De Bodard's novella "The Triad's Gift" was nominated for a Nebula award in 2007.

In "Memories of My Sister" a bride, Isalaya, looks up from making her flatbreads one day to find that her sister has come home. Her feelings are complicated. Before she left, her sister had been betrothed to the man who is now Isalaya's husband. She feels that her sister should not have abandoned them.

She cannot confront her sister because her Menmathe remembers nothing.

The good versus evil in this story is not straightforward. Even when gods and demons battle each other, it's not simple, and the ending is mixed. It's the demon whose final cry points out what is important in the world.

Read it here.

Morva Shepley

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