11 May 2010

"Women's Murder Club" : PC Game Review

Women's Murder Club: Death in Scarlet.

The Women's Murder Club started as a series of books by James Patterson (who's Maximum Ride series is currently enjoying favor with my kids) has been a TV series and a computer game.

An unknown woman is found murdered. On her body is a mysterious tattoo. Then a second body is found, this time of a famous news reporter. She has also been tattooed. It is up to the three women of the Murder Club to identify the murderer.

Death in Scarlet is a simple point and click game. Sometimes you have to know exactly how to point and click. In many games, it's enough to drag one object over another in order to activate them, but in this game you sometimes have point the arrow icon in exactly the right place regardless of where the object being dragged is.

The game mainly involves finding objects from a list that have been scattered and concealed around a cluttered room. Some of the objects are needed in order to solve another puzzle such as how to open a box, and a few are even relevant to the case. There are five hints available in each investigation section to help you find objects, and other puzzles often have clues or hints to help you, or you can skip them all together. In some puzzles the game doesn't really let you get it wrong.

I rate this game as a chewing gum game: something to do that's not too taxing. If you didn't have to spend so much time staring at the screen to find objects, I'd rate it as a good game to play while watching TV, like Patience, Solitaire or Tetris.

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