19 May 2010

"Hailing Frequencies" : Suggested Reading

Read it here: "Hailing Frequencies"
By Matthue Roth
In Wily Writers Speculative Fiction Downloads
Genre : Fantasy

Matthue Roth is, amongst other things, a slam poet. That, to me, makes his work worth a look. Happily, it turns out to be worth the effort. I've got a feeling I'd enjoy his novels - their titles have a light touch and the idea of Losers, a family of Russian immigrant geeks who try to take over the world sounds like a fun read.

 "Hailing Frequencies" is about a moment in time when some alien spaceships have come to hover over the great cities of the Earth. Why? No one knows. What do they want? What are they going to do? No one can tell.

Victor has got his own problems. He can't find a job and his marriage is not going well. The presence of the spaceships is just enough to top off a bad week.

It is only near the end that we get a hint as to why the spaceships have come, but even then we can't be sure. That part of the story is up to us.

Morva Shepley

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