21 May 2010

"Dreams Of Babylon" : Suggested Reading

Read it here: "Dreams of Babylon"
by Slawomir Rapala
In Bewildering Stories
Genre: SF

Bewildering Stories is a site that publishes free online fiction each week. The stories are chosen from all those sent to the editors, and some are written in response to contests but in any case the authors are not paid. These stories are labours of love. "Dreams of Babylon" was written in response to a Bewildering Stories contest concerning Time Travel.

"Dreams Of Babylon" is a group in the EU who, with the help of NASA and some technology developed by the Chinese,  want to send a man back in time to meet Jesus Christ. The man they have chosen is a heavy smoker and alcoholic priest, Father Frank O'Hara, who once belonged to the IRA. That sounds colourful, but he doesn't, strangely enough, have a huge presence in the story. Most of this story is spent with long bits of dialogue among the other characters as they explain their plans and then explain what is happening or what has happened.

One of the strengths of this story is that it has enough conspiracy and counter-conspiracy to put Dan Brown to shame. With a bit more thought, this story could probably be turned into a fast paced action novel. The elements are already there, they just need room in which to be shown rather than told.

Morva Shepley

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