7 June 2009

Heroes: "Cold Snap" chat

"Cold Snap", you knew it was going to be a pun on Tracy's power.

We found out who "Rebel" was, and it was that kid who has powers over machines.

I really lost the thread of Heroes during its phase when good and evil were reversed. Plus, I can't remember, if I saw it, how Hiro came to lose his powers and Ando gained some. Of course, Hiro's powers were pretty awesome, so for plot reasons it makes sense to tone them down in some way. Now he's met baby Matt Parkman who can make his powers work sometimes, which means his powers will work when the plot needs them to.

I loved Ando the way he was before he had powers. In the first season he represented ordinary people and made the point that you don't need super powers to be a hero. A bit of kindness and common sense would do.

The previous episode where Hiro and Ando somehow got to India, and back, even though all the heroes are being hunted, the airports are being watched and accounts are frozen, makes no sense.

Right now, I'm watching Heroes to see if it can ever be good again.

Morva Shepley

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