27 May 2009

"Privateer's Moon" Short Story Review

Read it now : "Privateer's Moon"
By Terry Dowling
In Eidolon.net
Genre: SF
Word Count: 10,000 approx.

Privateer's Moon is one of Dowling's Tom Tyson stories, set in a future, or possibly more mythological, Australia. This is an Australia dominated by the desert and the wind which drives the landships. The Ab'Os are the masters of technology and make their presence felt, while the people of the Nation are far away along the coasts. In the midst of this, Tom Tyson, as master of one of the great landships, Rynosseros, has a certain freedom of movement, but obligations as well.

The impulse to freedom, and the constraints which keep the peace, form the tension in the story. In Privateer's Moon, Tom has a friend who has done wrong, but whom he does not wish to betray.

Read it here.

Morva Shepley

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