13 May 2009

"Pickman's Progeny: The Horrible Truth Below" short story review

Download it now "Pickman's Progeny: The Horrible Truth Below"
By Robert Masterson
In Arkham Tales 1
Genre: Horror

This story takes an odd twist in it. It begins with the narrator urging you to consume the last of that fine wine, to enjoy that Cuban cigar, and we assume we are amid the finest comforts of civilisation. These comforts are far from the subway trains that the narrator used to ride as a punk rocker with chaos for music, and graffiti everywhere.

As a young punk, he is anti-establishment. Then one night on a subway ride he sees something that makes him run, makes him look for a new place to hide.

There are some things to enjoy in this story: especially the idea of graffiti creating its own vision, and the dead end of civilisation in a subway, and the wonderful irony of the young punk clinging to things like fine wine and cigars. When the shiver has ceased running down the spine, though, we have to wonder whether material luxury is really the only alternative to violent chaos.

What do you think?

Read it here.

Morva Shepley

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