29 July 2008

Who is Morva Shepley?

Morva Shepley is the pen name of Terry Morris, who likes reading SF&F as well as other stuff less easy to define.

The name was my grandmother's maiden name. It's a great name for a fantasy writer, being at once realistic and evocative.

My grandmother might not have approved of SF&F, but she was the one who, amongst much other advice, would say to spin them a yarn. It didn't matter if you knew what you were talking about, just spin a bit of a yarn.

In my younger days I wrote fan fiction under various names. These days, I am a member of Wily Writers and of Critters. Critters is a free online workshop for writers interested in SpecFic.

I have various hobbies that come and go. This year my focus is on short stories. I am having a very good time seeking out free online short stories to link to. Some of the stories are old ones I have enjoyed over the years and it is a delight to be able to share them with you. Other stories are new ones from the numerous ezines that have sprung up in the last few years, or bonuses the authors have posted on their own sites. My choices are somewhat arbitrary, but I hope you enjoy them.

So why bother with a penname? Because it gives me something to hide behind, a buffer between me and the world. Because, as my children explain to me, "I don't like being brave: It's scary."

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