28 July 2008

Steam Engine Time : A Fanzine

Bruce Gillespie has produced an number of fanzines over the years, time and money permitting, but my favourite, and indeed probably my favourite fanzine of all time, is Steam Engine Time, which he produces with Janine Stinson.

Yes, you can get it for free. You can download it and print it out for comfortable reading, if that is what you prefer, from eFanzines.com.

What I like about Steam Engine Time, apart from the steam punk possibilities in the title, is that it talks about books I have enjoyed, and talks about them in ways that are both intelligent and easy to follow. An issue on the works of Alan Garner had me pulling out all my Alan Garner books, which amounted to the Stone Quartet plus Red Shift, and re-reading them.

To regain or affirm that a life in books and reading is worthwhile, and to join the conversations in them, I highly recommend Steam Engine Time.

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