31 July 2008

The New Year Fairy's Name

Four little fairies brought their new friend through a crack in the garden.

Hurray!” said the fairy in blue. “There are no Big People here now. I'm going to bounce on the trampoline.”

She flew up high. She flew up the long blue poles and over the safety net.

Come on everyone,” she called. “Come and see!”

The other fairies followed her, and soon they were all bouncing on the trampoline. They did tiny little fairy bounces. They jumped together and sang fairy songs. The fairy in blue flew up onto the leaf of the nearby bush. Folding herself up tight, she slid down the leaf, into the air, and down onto the trampoline. She laughed, and the other fairies laughed, too. Soon, they were all trying it. It was fun to fly through the air and not use their wings.

At last they were tired and flew into the camellia bush to have a rest.

I've been thinking,” said the fairy in pink. “It's time our new friend had a name of her own. What shall we call her?”

We'll call her Goldie,” said the fairy in gold, whose own name was Amber.

Oh, no. Goldie is too plain for such a pretty fairy,” said the fairy in blue, whose name was Zaira. “We should call her Sienna, or Arianna.”

I was going to call her Diamond,” said the fairy in pink. Her name was Chantel. “I was going to call her Diamond because she is silvery bright like a Diamond.”

Couldn't we just ask her what her name is?” asked the fairy with the dusty moth wings. Her name was Daisy.

Now,” asked Chantel, “how could she possibly know what her name is unless we tell her?”

She might,” Daisy aurgued. “Why don't we ask her?”

Very well then.” Chantel sighed, and turned to the New Year fairy. “Do you know what your name is?”

Yes,” said the New Year Fairy. “I heard people singing at the party, and I know what my name is.”

Then what is your name?” asked Chantel. “Is it Rose?”

Is it Happy?” asked Amber.

Is it Sharona?” asked Zaira.

Is it Martha and the Aeronauts?” asked Daisy.

No, no, no, no,” answered the New Year Fairy.

Then what is it?”

It's Britney!”

Britney?” Everyone was surprised.

Then Chantel waved her wand over the brand new fairy, sprinkling little fairy magic, and all the fairies said together, “Welcome to the world, Britney!”

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