5 March 2010

"Interview with a Lemming" Suggested Reading

READ IT HERE: " Interview with a Lemming"
BY:James Thurber
IN:Angels, Gargoyles and Shadows
Genre: fantasy

This world would have been a much sadder place if not for the humour of James Thurber. A favorite of mine was his childrens story The Thirteen Clocks, where time was been murdered and the clocks bled minutes. The clocks can only be repaired by one person, but as she examines them she finds that she can't do it. Her companion helps her out with the advice, "If you can touch them and not fix them, you can fix them and not touch them. That's logic to my way of thinking."

Logic indeed. She then has to go around not touching the clocks.

The Lemming in the story suggested today is also logical, as well as having some ability with analogous alliteration.

There's a gentleness in Thurber's satire that reminds me of Leunig's cartoons. Hope you enjoy this, too.

Morva Shepley

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