29 January 2010

Suggested Reading "Father's Kill"

READ IT HERE:"Father's Kill"
BY: Christopher Green
IN: Beneath Ceaseless Skies

This is a joint Aurealis fantasy Award winner for 2009. "Father's Kill" is a creepy, werewolf story about one, lonely family attempting to survive in the cold wilderness. It makes use of the idea that werewolves come about through a kind of costume they wear, that they become civilised when they put on man-clothes, for instance. "Father's Kill" is creepier than that.

In its lonliness and setting, it reminds me just of little of Marryat's "The White Wolf of the Hartz Mountains".

If I have a quibble with "Father's Kill", it's the question of how the narrator could come to tell the story.

See what you think.

Morva Shepley

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