7 May 2009

"A Speck In The Universe" SF Short Story Review

Read it now : "A Speck In The Universe"
By Ripley Patton
From Wily Writers
Genre: Science Fiction
Word Count: 2,300 approx
Other: audio available.

Ripley Patton is fond of stories with a twist. In "The Derby" she showed humans being tagged by aliens, much as humans tag fish and other animals for tracking. In "Travelling By Petroglyph" she showed an old woman with a wicked sense of humour dealing with the problems created by modern tourists by using stone-age traveling method.

In here science fiction story, "A Speck In the Universe" a young man, who is warned not to have sex with aliens, immediately sets out to do just that. No, he doesn't get pregnant. What he does do is choose a blue alien, of a species that is notoriously chaste, and sets about trying to seduce her. There are some humorous moments, especially as he learns about blue balls, as a human, and then what that phrase means to the alien.

Underneath the humour there is that small niggle, that extra little bite that satire should have. He has never stopped to think about what he is asking of her.

Read it here "A Speck In The Universe"

Morva Shepley

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