14 February 2009

Un homme un vrai / A Real Man (2003) - A Review

Boris (Mathieu Amalric), an aspiring film maker, and Marilyne (Helene Fillieres), an upcoming business executive, fall in love. Their affair is told in three chapters, each five years apart.

The English title, 'A Real Man', is ironic because this film seems to be about the reversal of expected male and female roles. Marilyne is assertive and often makes the first move, whether it'd be throwing a party or trying to seduce Boris from working on his script. Boris, on the other hand, is more passive and reactive, and feels put upon. He's like the protagonist in his scripts (watch for the blonde he meets on the beach). It's only in the last chapter, when he leaves behind his failed attempts at film making and finds his true calling, that their roles become more equal, and we see a chance for a lasting relationship between him and Marilyne.

French with English sub-titles

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