8 February 2009

Pour le plaisir / Everybody is a killer (2004) - A Review

In a small country town, psychiatrist Vincent (Samuel Le Bihan) treats mechanic Francois (Francois Berleand) in exchange for servicing his car. One day, Francois tells Vincent that his wife, Julie (Nadia Fares), is only aroused by killers, so Vincent suggests that Francois play along with his wife's fantasy. The next day, a man is found murdered near Francois' garage.

In this light murder mystery, most of the violence happens off-stage and the cops are self-assured but dim (you certainly don't these guys investigating your murder). Suspicion falls on one person, then another and another as more facts are revealed. The townsfolk's reaction to the murder and the subsequent revelations is represented by a Greek chorus of drinkers in the pub.

It's a slight film, but the story is efficiently told and it doesn't overstay its welcome.

French with English sub-titles.

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  1. I liked the way that much of the film had a community story feel about it. The wider community and their opinions were shown, as was the effect that events were having on the township.

    Morva Shepley