21 February 2009

Human Nature (2001) : A Review

An especially hirsute woman, Lila Jute (Patricia Arquette), falls in love with uptight scientist Dr Nathan Bronfman (Tim Robbins). One day in a forest, they come upon a man (Rhys Ifans) who had been living as an ape in the forest since he was a child. Nathan believes he can make animals more intelligent by teaching them table manners, and the ape-man becomes an ideal subject for his research. His laboratory assistant, Gabrielle (Mirando Otto), sensing an opportunity for fame and fortune, seduces Nathan.

This fantasy, written by Charlie Kaufman, has a dismal view of human nature. The main characters, other than Lila, are little more than selfish chauvinistic hairless apes, ready succumb to their base desires, or to torture or betray their fellows at the drop of a hat. Director Michel Gondry, who also directs music clips, delivers some imaginative set ups and montages.

Somewhat interesting and amusing but slightly underdone.


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