2 June 2008

Holly Lisle's Fire In the Mist: Review by Morva Shepley

Faia is a nineteen year old young woman of untapped potential who likes taking the sheep into the mountains during the summer so that she can gaze at the clouds while they eat the rich grass and give birth to their lambs.

One summer, full of foreboding, she hurries back to her village only to find that the plague had been there.

In grief and rage, she summons a great magic that destroys the remains, a huge spell that temporarily drains the surrounding land of magic.

Mages and Sajes come looking for her, to identify her and take her to the city where they can teach her to control her magic properly. What no one realises is that while the land was temporarily drained of magic, one of the spells that came undone was a binding spell meant to hold back an early evil.

In the downloaded version of Lisle's novel, there are some typos scattered here and there, particularly “ prote[aage[aa” for protegee.

Fire in the Mist is a light read with a few nice flourishes of imagination.

Rating 3 out of 5 on the chewing gum flavour scale.

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