1 June 2007

Beyond World's End - A review

Beyond World's End by Mercedes Lackey and Rosemary Edghill, available free online through the Baen Free Library.

This story is a very light fantasy, a sequel to Bedlam's Bard, which I haven't read. An Unseleighe Lord, or very bad but powerful elf, decides to take over New York and kill all the Humans. Meanwhile a very bad Human has found a way to awaken psychic talents in Humans, and, after discovering that there is such a thing, decides to have a shot at taking over the Unseleighe court. Most of the early chapters, though, are taken up with explaining the Bard, Eric Banyon, and his domestic situation.

Although it is very light, it does have a couple of very nice passages giving back stories for minor characters who, unfortunately, don't have a major part in the story. However, in these passages, the writer's passion on the subject of society's misfits, especially the homeless, comes shining through.

This book is rated OK if you just want something quick to read without getting too deeply involved.

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