19 August 2011

Chris Adrian's new novel

A while ago I posted a link to Chris Adrian's beautiful short story "A Tiny Feast". This story was about the fairy king and queen, Oberon and Titania, who, having stolen a changling from the human world, found themselves caring great deal about what became of it. They did not expect to care. As fairies they were not designed to care. But neither their care nor their power could help when the changeling had to go to hospital.

Chris Adrian works in emergency pediatrics where doubtless he sees these things.

A few days ago I heard that he had a new novel out called The Great Night, about three broken hearted people and their encounter in a San Francisco park with Oberon and Titania who are also broken hearted after the death of their changling. When I realised that it was a kind of sequel to "A Tiny Feast" I wondered if I could cope with a whole novel of grief, but the reviewer also says that the book was fun, so I'll be looking out for it in the libary.

(I would look forward to buying the book, but I'd need new bookshelves first. Of course, these days I could look forward to buying the ebook, but the right ereader hasn't come along for me yet.)


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