21 July 2011

A Chance To Try New Writing - Free!

Freebies! We all know what a joy those are. In this case, it's a kind of two in one deal.

Aspiring SF&F writers will know about Critters Writers Workshop. It's free, it's online and it helps writers improve their craft firstly by critiquing the work of others, and secondly by having their own work critiqued. This is how emerging writers find out if their latest efforts are ready for the big, wide world. Is it clear in communication? Is it new? Does it need polishing? Does it tell the story the author intended? They find out by running it through Critters. Believe me, when twenty people have critiqued your story you get a rough idea of what works and what doesn't, and with so many people commenting, you can work out criticisms are due to personal preferences and which are part of a trend you should take notice of.

Critters also has a store through which some members sell copies of their ebooks. Now, on Fridays (Friday, US Mountain time), on ebook is available to read free.

Hey, it's no harder than checking out a new author through your public library. In fact, it might easier given the funding (ie, the lack of it) of public libraries lately.

Here's a Link :)

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