2 September 2010

Hear This: "13 Ways Of Looking At Space/Time"

"13 Ways Of Looking At Space/Time" by Catherine M Valente is a one you have to let yourself become immersed in so as to appreciate it properly. It probably helps to be listening to the reading by Kate Baker, instead of reading the text and being able to skip over, or skim quickly through on the theory that you've got the gist and can keep moving along the actual point. It helps to be on a treadmill at the gym while you listen to it and so not able to go anywhere else, either.

There is a payoff. All the little sections that retell various creation myths in scientific language, and all the little bits about "the SF writer", her life and her growth, all come together in the end. All the bits that you might have skipped or skimmed over, have to be there in order to make up the layers that are pulled together to make a final, moving, conclusion. It is really quite a clever as well as emotional story in the end.

You will find it here at Clarkesworld

Morva Shepley

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