30 July 2010

A Free Art Exhibition

Having occasion to go into Melbourne CBD this morning, and finding myself at Flinders Street waiting for a train home again, I was able to do something that I really like to do whenever I get such a chance. Taking the De Graves Street exit, I went down to see what was on exhibition in thoroughfare there.

I was lucky. There was not one, but two exhibitions, plus a busker and his dog.

One of the exhibition was a series of little knitted teapots, although some looked more like bagpipes to me, and a few even looked like Daleks. They were pinned up on a board and each had its own title beneath it. Opposite this were some large, colour photos of children and rundown houses. What I enjoyed most, though, were a couple of works of nature and artifacts interacting. There was a kickbag (remember those?) with little plants, maybe herbs, growing in it, another was a wardrobe (why a wardrobe?) emerging from the soil or sinking into it. I didn't know whether these little scenes were representing nature taking over man made environments, or civilisation emerging through the undergrowth. Either way, I enjoyed the contemplation, not to mention the humor of putting these kinds of items together.

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