28 March 2010

"Where We Live" Suggested Science Fiction Reading

READ IT HERE:"Where We Live"
BY: Daniel J Pinney
IN: Strange Horizons
Genre: Science Fiction

This stunning story is one of those that calls itself science fiction, and has some futuristic trimmings that make it sound science fictional, and yet is near enough to us in time, and deals with themes that we are familiar with from the daily News if not in our daily lives, that it is almost mainstream.

"Where We Live" is about the life of a man caught in the midst of war. He's not on anyone's side and he's not one of the paradise dwellers who keep his kind out, he's not responsible for spreading viruses to clear out ghettoes, or using napalm to clear up afterwards. He's someone who just wants to get by.

This story is also eligible for the John W Campbell award this year.

Morva Shepley

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