12 March 2010

"None Left Behind" : Suggested Reading

READ IT HERE: "None Left Behind"
BY: Nathan Crowder
IN: Absent Willow Review

Years after cyclone Katrina there are survivors still circling New Orleans, never quite ready to go back. In this exquisitely told story by Nathan Crowder, we meet an architect whose car has stalled in a small town deep in the Old South. While waiting for repairs, he gets talking to another man, who has his own tale of haunting to tell. They share something about what it was like when Katrina hit.

It's the way this story is told, the kind of details that Crowder puts into it, such as what a black man might think about if he finds himself stranded in the Old South, as he calls it, the parts of themselves the men share as they swap stories, that make this one so special.

Morva Shepley

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