3 March 2010

"The Cat Who Walked a Thousand Miles" : Suggested Fantasy Reading

READ IT HERE: "The Cat Who Walked a Thousand Miles"
BY:Kij Johnson
Genre: Fantasy

Home isn't just a physical place. Home is also the people you share it with, the stories and culture you have in common, the sense of history and security in knowing where you belong in it all. Small Cat lives in a crumbling house in Japan not long after cats were first introduced to that county. One day, after and earthquake and a fire that finally destroys the house, she can no longer find any of the other cats, so she sets out to retrace the steps of an earlier cat who features in her family's history, The Cat Who Came From The North.

This story is very simply told, and what makes it charming is that it is allowed to unfold exactly as it wants to with no forced conflict or sense of hurry. Besides being a story about a cat, it explains the idea of fudoki, and what that means with regard to having a home and belonging with others.

Please enjoy and consider, as Small Cat does, the question of whether a home is really a home without all the elements of place, belonging, and fudoki.

Morva Shepley

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