26 February 2010

"Tourists": Suggested SF Reading

READ IT HERE:"Tourists"
BY:Sean Craven
IN Tor.Com
Genre: Science Fiction

"Tourists" is a fun little SF story. The aliens visiting Earth take on appearances that are paradies of human paradigms, and have the names to go with them, such as Mrs Outerbridge-Horsie. These aliens have taken a shine to the narrator's grandma. He doesn't know why. Nor, in the general attempts to understand each other, does he think to ask them why they call her "Image-and-Likeness". Image and likeness of what? One wonders. But she talks about God a lot and the aliens are quite interested in her spirituality, so one supposes the connection is there. Of course, they don't have the Earth experience to understand what really happened during the 'bad' experience with some mushrooms that she tells them about.

Of course, there is a lot about Humans that the aliens don't understand. Humans barely understand themselves until it's too late.

Morva Shepley

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