24 February 2010

Aussiecon 4 and Hugo SF Award voting

The World Science Fiction convention is being held in Melbourne this year. Part of the excitement of the World SF con is the voting for the Hugo science fiction awards.

Over at Feminist SF: The Blog, is an article about SF voting for the Hugo awards on the cheap. It does not include links to nominated stories that can read for free, but it does list a number editors for consideration and it does include this information:

That $50 is still a substantial amount of money, but you should get something in return. For the past couple of years Worldcons have produced what they call a “Hugo Voter Packet”. That’s a collection of nominated material in ebook format. Last year it was solidly good value, including 6 whole novels and over 20 short stories, plus a bunch of other material. What’s more all of the material was DRM-free – you didn’t need fancy ebook reader to access it.

The article is by Cheryl Morgan - the non-fiction editor for Clarkesworld. She says that if you pay your $50 supporting membership for the 2010 worldcon, you not only get voting rights in the Hugos for this year, but nominating rights for next year's Hugos.

However at Hugo Award Recommendations we are reminded that you had to have joined
Aussiecon 4 at least as a supporting member in order to be eligible to nominate something. If you join after that, you can still vote.

Morva Shepley

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