3 January 2010

Suggested Reading: "The Pixelated Pixie"

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Read it here: "The Pixelated Pixie"
By Bob Lock
In SF Crowsnest

Cyperpunk has a language of its own, phrases to convey the world of cyberspace where anyone could be anything, or anything could be anyone. In cyberpunk, people 'jack in', hardware attached to their wetware so that their minds can experience cyberspace directly, see information in images that their brains can handle, as buildings, for instance, or people.

(Sometimes I wonder why all the characters who enter these worlds experience it in the same way; presumably the representation of the information is something that the computers have determined.)

Bob Lock's Christmas story is about a man who has a disability and therefore moves more easily in the cyberworld. He goes there looking for the informatin that is his heart's desire.

Morva Shepley

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