29 November 2009

Morva House Fiction : "Their Work Was Done"

“When the glass is half full, you add a touch of adrenalin, to make it fizz.”


“It's more alive with a bit fizz.”

“Oh. Does it matter how big the glass is?”

“No. Just be sure to use the same glass so that you get the proportions right.”

“Ah. So the bigger the glass, the bigger the monster. Right?”

“In theory. In practice, if you make your monster too big it just collapses in on itself.”

“No matter how many legs?”

“No matter how many legs.”

“What if -”

“If you make it bug like, it suffocates on the inside.”

“What if -”

“Then you have to go digital. Hacking the digital medium is not my department.”

“You've been teaching this for a long time.”


“So what happened to the dinosaurs?”

“Their work was done. That's why we're churning humans out now, to scavenge up the last of the mess.”

*   *   *
"Their Work Was Done" copyright by Morva Shepley 2009

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