27 October 2009

Suggested Reading : "Circular Ruins" by Jorge Luis Borges

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Read it here: Circular Ruins  (This link takes you to  The Garden of  Jorge Luis Borges. From there, you may select "Circular Ruins from index on the Table of Contents.)

By Jorge Luis Borges
In The Garden of  Jorge Luis Borges

Be careful of what you dream.

The stranger in this story, who pulls himself out of the mud and makes his way up to the ruins of a temple, wants "to dream a man; he wanted to dream him in minute entirety and impose him on reality." In his quest to make reality out of dreams, he takes on students, but discards nearly all of them when he realises that their minds too closely mirror his own. Instead, he begins to serve the god of mutable fire. It is the god called Fire that gives him instructions on how to animate the body of the son he has dreamed.

Sound strange?

Well, it wouldn't be worth reading if it wasn't strange. The story is as fragmented as dreams and littered with ideas of religion and philosophy such as float nebulously through the mind. What makes it special is the way the title turns out to be relevant not just to the idea of dreams, but to time aswell, and the whole plot.

Morva Shepley

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