15 September 2009

Suggested Reading "Tobermory" by Saki

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Read it here: "Tobermory"
By Saki (Hector Hugh Munro)
In Angels, Gargoyles and Shadows
Genre: fantasy

As soon as I say, "Tobermory is the cat," people who have already read this story will, instantly, remember it. It's that kind of a story, where the impossible is set against the background of Edwardian mundanity, where wit struggles against the boredom of good, society, manners, and the contrast makes a lasting impression.

Tobermory is the cat who was taught to talk. He belongs to Lady Blemley, who was holding a house party. It was not the hunting season and the guests were bored, unable to amuse each other, so when the scientist said he had taught the cat to talk, they thought they might as well here it. They weren't expecting to find out that it was true. That certainly were not expecting to find that Tobermory had been doing a lot of listening long before he could speak.

In polite society, a lot of talk is not good manners.

Morva Shepley

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