27 August 2009

Suggested Reading: "Heart of Dockness" by Andrew Morgan

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Read it here: Heart of Dockness
By Andrew Morgan
In Overland Literary Journal
Genre: Magic Realism

Melbourne's Docklands are a newly yuppified area. Once they were something of a wasteland, now it has multi-storied buildings, together with lots of shiny new restaurants and cafes, and a brand new sports arena for people who like that sort of thing. It also has a giant ferris wheel which was barely opened to the public before it gave up in the face of Melbourne's new heat last February.

Asked by Overland to consider Melbourne's future, Andrew Morgan turned his thoughts to the Docklands and the idea of change becoming not just something done to the landscape, but the nature of the environment itself. Buildings appear in spaces that did not exist the day before. Things are not where you left them a few hours ago, and it is too easy to lose your way home altogether.

It's not just the urban evironment that is constantly changing, though. In Morgan's thoughtful piece, relationships between people also change. What is really strange, not that he mentions it, is how readily people adapt to these changes, find a newspeak for them, and move on.

Morva Shepley

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