5 July 2009

Watching "Heroes"

There wasn't much about Hiro and Ando in the latest episode I saw. Instead, it was all about Angela digging up the past. Literally. It turned out that the reason she wanted her family to dig up the bodies in the deserted location she took them too was that she thought her sister was buried there. In her dream, she felt that she had been told that she must find something concerning her sister and bury it, or put it to rest in some way.

However, her sister, Alice, turned out not to be dead.

The desert location had been a place where, years before when Angela and Alice were young, people like them had been taken for experimental treatment by Dr Suresh Sr. He was hoping to cure them and make them normal. The idea of making the mutants normal is rather like that in The X-Men, although in Heroes there is not so much smashing of buildings. (Wouldn't you hate to try getting your property insured in the X-Men world?) Alice's power is like that of The X-Men's Storm. She controls the weather.

The deaths of the young people in the camp was the reason that Angela and the other survivors set up The Company to protect themselves from something like that ever happening again.

Meanwhile, Sylar has transformed himself into the senator's image and is taking his place.

Morva Shepley

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