24 June 2009

Watching Heroes

It turns out that baby Matt Parkman makes things stop when he is sad, and go when he is happy. He is going to be growing up with this strange power. Lucky he's got a telepathic Dad who is going to be able to explain things to him non-verbally. Anyway, before Hiro and Ando could give the baby over to his Dad they had to drive the unhappy baby across the country. The only way to keep him happy was for Ando to pull a particular funny face. He had to hold the pose the whole time the car was being driven. It's the kind of thing that happens to Ando and Hiro.

It's odd that in the first series, Hiro had the super power, and Ando knew how to drive. Now Ando has a power and Hiro does the driving.

Sylar has shape shifting abilities now, so we can expect constant surprises in future episodes as people turn out to be him and not who everyone thought they were.

Meanwhile, Angela has gathered her familiy in a remote location and told them to start digging holes in the dirt. They have dug neat rectangular holes and uncovered plenty of bodies. Angela has told them to keep on digging. I hope there's a purpose to all this digging because if she's made them do all this work just to delay revealing important information to them until the next episode, they are going to be annoyed.

Morva Shepley

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