9 June 2009

"The Man Who Never Forgot" Short Story Review

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Read it here: "The Man Who Never Forgot"
By Robert Silverberg
In SciFi.com
Genre: Science Fiction
Word Count: 5,700 approx.

Niles is a man who never forgets. He remembers everything that he's seen and heard or even casually glanced at. He remembers them in a statistical manner. For instance, "Name Bette Torrance, senior at Southern Cal, government major..." He remembers people's descriptions, their heights, the colour of their eyes and hair. Mostly he remembers being beaten up a lot at school because of his strange curse. To him his memory is a curse. Every one hates him for it.

Of course, as readers, we might realise that what they really hate is his insistence on speaking up on everything he remembers. He won't let people get away with the little lies that oil society. He keeps telling himself that he should have learned better by now, but he keeps making the same mistakes.

He has to learn to grow up.

Niles is twenty-nine years old. "The Man Who Never Forgot" is essentially a coming of age story, something that much younger people could really appreciate.

Morva Shepley

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