8 May 2009

"Mrs Misaki's Eyes" Short Story Review

Read it now : "Mrs Misaki's Eyes"
By Terrie Czechowski
In Daikaijuzine
Genre: Horror
Word Count: approx. 4,300 approx

"Mrs Misaki's Eyes" is one of those gentle, charming little stories that seem to be about nothing in particular but are so engaging you don't mind living with it for a while. It is set in modern day Japan and is told by a foreigner who has been befriended by an old Japanese woman. Indeed, most of the story is really little more than a description of Mrs Misaki. Nevertheless, it is involving.

If I have a quibble, it is that the ending is a little abrupt and doesn't really grow out of the proceeding story. It might have been more horrific if we had a little more information about Mrs Sachiko, or it could have been a little more eerie if we had learned more about Mrs Misaki's eyes and how she could see so much from so far off.

However, that quibble aside, it is beautifully written and pleasant to read, full of little human foibles and the sense of being a foreigner in a strange land.

Read it here.

Morva Shepley

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