28 May 2009

"The Invasion From Outer Space" Short Story Review

Read it now : "The Invasion From Outer Space"
By Steven Millhauser
In The New Yorker
Genre: Science Fiction

Any fool can face a crisis.

In H G Wells' novel The War of the Worlds, the Martians come and overwhelm the fire power of the puny Humans who dare to battle against them, but they are themselves defeated by a tiny virus, common to Humans, but to which the Martians have no immunity.

In Millhauser's "The Invasion From Outer Space", the Humans hear of the approach of something from outer space, they watch it on their TVs, they go out to look at the thing that lands. What they find is none of the things they had expected, not the good and not the bad but just this silent falling like smothering snow.

Read it here.

Morva Shepley